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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 20, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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rchts good wepz, everybody. i'm contessa brewer covering the big news coast to coast. the big story right now the phone hacking scandal in great britain reaches the highest echelons of government. with prime minister david cameron facing cheers and jeers in an uncommon emergency session of the house of commons. >> i have an old fashioned view about innocent until proven guilty. >> prime minister david cameron addressing the house of commons. >> if it turns out andy coulson knew about the hacking at the news of the world he will not only have lied to me, but he would have lied to the police, to a select committee torque the press complaints commission, and of course, perjured himself in a court of law. >> former news of the world ed tore andy coulson was until january cameron's communications director. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed i would not have offered him the job and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> coulson was arrested this month suspected of corruption in the u.s. voice mail hacking and
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police bribery scandal. >> you live and you learn and believe you me i have learned. >> even after he owned up to the lesson, opposition leader ed millband seemed ready to school the prime minister. >> he made the wrong choice. he chose to stick with mr. coulson. >> millband says cameron owes to it the british people to be more forthright blchl the country has a right to expect that the prime minister would have made every effort to uncover the information about mr. coulson to protect himself and his office. yet the pattern of events suggest the opposite. >> in this case, the opposite attracts a public tongue lashing. >> the prime minister was compromised by his relationship with mr. coulson. he was hand strung by a conflict of interest. >> by cameron gave as good as he got. >> is stop hunting feeble conspiracy theories and start
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rising to the level of events. let us remember during the last parliament reports of the information commissioner ignored. reports of the select committee ignored. the failure of the police investigation ignored. we now know exactly what kpaert was if you like the slumber party and it was the party opposite. >> nbc's martin fletcher has the latest from london. a parliamentary session that be sound more like a service at a baptist church there, martin. >> it was pretty passionate, wasn't it. it duh show how passionate the feelings are in britain. this is a significant time in british parliamentary history. this is pretty unique. the power of the media, the issues of the police, and the relationships with 3 parliament and with the prime minister's office all mixed up, all at issue is how uncomfortable, how cozy is that relationship. that's what's really coming out for britain. that's what parliament is
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discussing. that's why they're so passionate about the criticisms of david cameron the prime minister today. this was an emergency session of parliament which he called for to try to clear the air. >> we'll have to see whether there are real implications here, consequences for the highest levels of government there in london. thank you for the lead in. the bloggers, the reporters, the business analysts are scrutinizing yesterday's testimony of rupert murdoch and his son james. both denied any knowledge of the phone hacking scandal and dodged questions about megapayments to victims on the receiving end. >> mr. murdoch do you accept that ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> first of all, i would like to say as well just how sorry i am. >> my big question today, will one of the murdochs take the fall for the phone hacking scandal? of course you can reach me on facebook and twitter. to answer that question, let's bring in a reporter for "the
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washington post" style section. it's good to see you today, paul. what do you think? do you think that we're going to see either rupert or james take the fall? >> at this point barring any other revelations that's a big if i don't think so. the murdoch family controls about 40% of news corp. it has the board pretty much in its pocket. unlikely that they will be forced to resign as a result of this. in the absence of anything else happening. >> his board of directors whose responsibility has been to shareholders has been rather meek and silence on this scandal. now you have a director, tom perkins telling "the wall street journal" that rupert's a genius that and that the board thinks it needs him. how crucial is rupert to the future success of the company? >> well, rupert murdoch built news corp. from a single
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newspaper in australia in the early '50s. when he is the entrepreneur who made this company a global behemoth. he is the man who has his finger on his pulse of every bit of this operation. his intention has been all along to pass it on to his family a. at this point, james, but there are other family members including his wife, wendi. i don't think rupert's going anywhere at this point. i think the succession plan he has in plan still holds in. the stock market sells off in company it may be a different story. >> the stocks rebounded yesterday when we were seeing them testifying there many the parliamentary session. analysts worry about whether news corp. could see more consequences if as you said we see new details come out. what is this sustained trickle of scandal doing to the overall brand of this company?
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it has certainly tainted the overall brand of the company. the stock market has punished it. it was off about 15% in the last couple of weeks. wiped out a few billion dollars of shareholder value. it recovered today and has been recovering because there's the sense that rupert and james yesterday had a fairly good performance. there were no new revelations. they didn't admit to any other wrong doing within the company. they said it was others' responsibility. there was no shoe dropping. i think there was a sense of relief after the last couple of weeks of all the selling. i think there was some sense that maybe it's gone too far. >> paul thank you for joining us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. the taliban is getting in on the phone hacking thing. the afghan group insists its phones and website were hacked and that's what caused the announcement that its leader had died. the taliban now insists its chief is alive. denies that he died of a heart
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attack in spite of the text message and web announcement that went out. the taliban blames u.s. intelligence agencies for the hack. a stark warning from the capitol. we're in the debt deadline danger zone. time is running out to get a deal done. just 13 days left. and now there are three debt proposals being debated on capitol hill. none of them with any kind of consensus. yesterday the republican-led house passed cut, cap and balance. the tea party backed plan calls for deep spending cuts, a balanced cap and balanced budget amendment. republicans cheered the plan, democrats say it's a nonstarter. >> it's time for republicans in the house and the senate to end the political shenanigans to drop their doa plan to cap, cut and kill medicare and begin working with democrats to solve our fiscal crisis. >> congressman mo brooks is a republican from alabama.
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good to see you today. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> why waste time on cut, cap and balance if it is doa? >> i hope that senator schumer is in error. i believe the american people firmly believe in cutting expenditures, capping how big the government's going to be. and far more important is a balanced budget constitutional amendment that will prevent future generations from being in the kind of financial crisis we're in today. senator schumer is wrong in his view. >> in this whole effort to battle out -- you're saying that he's wrong in his view. here's the battle. you've got three different kinds of plans moving forward. none of them with a clear majority. and president obama has said he would veto this cut, cap and balance plan. the senate says there's no way it's making its way through the senate. how do you see it has any chance of success? >> let's talk about our plan a, which we've done a little bit of, let's talk about the absence of a plan a from the senate or
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the white house. i think it's premature for them to be critical of a proposal that we have put out on the line when they have yet to put anything in writing that can be eevaluated by the congressional budget office to determine the impact. >> we know there are plans. the president's plan is $4 trillion in deficit reduction. $1 trillion in revenue. >> that's not a plan. that's all speeches. when you say the numbers that you just said, where are the details? where is sharing with the american public specifically what tax increases and how much for each kind? specifically, if they're going to be reductions many expenditures what programs are going to be reduced? it's one thing to have speeches and talk in generalities which is what the president and white house staff is doing. it's another thing to have a concrete proposal to look at as a reporter to evaluate it with yourself with some degree of confidence. we need full flesh and blood, not a partial skeleton. >> let's go through what the american people expect.
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our new poll shows that among the deficit reduction proposals out there 58% support president obama's $4 trillion plan regardless of whether it's in writing or not. a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. 36% support the republicans 2.5 trillion of cuts that would include deep cuts to medicare and medicaid and 62% say the republicans should compromise on some of their issues. is compromise in your future? would you willing to -- >> absolutely. we have already compromised. why should we give barack obama $2.4 trillion to his debt. it's his debt ceiling. we have already agreed to give him $2.4 trillion if he will just agree with us to solve the problem. and the long-term solution the only long-term solution is a balanced budget constitutional amendment. >> why do you lay all the debt at the feet of president obama when it's clear that the wars in iraq and afghanistan added to the nation's debt?
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>> it did. he's the commander in chief he could have removed our troops at any point in time. let's taung about barack obama's position in washington, d.c. during the six years he's been in washington our accumulated national debt has increased by more than 50 percent. what is president obama's response been now and as a senator to increase spending even more, not to cut it. but to increase spending even more. two years as a freshman senator, the debt goes up $400 billion because of deficits. two years when he's in the majority of the united states senate, it goes up $1.8 trillion. now it's up $2.8 trillion while he's president. >> you're simplifying the issues on the plate of the nation at that point. we were looking at going -- reverting into a depression at that point. everyone the fed chairman -- >> i disagree. >> do you have a degree in economics? >> yes, ma'am, i do. highest honors. >> okay. so you disagree with the fed chairman, ben bernanke. you disagreed at the time paul
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vol ker and others in the white house who said if we don't do something to get this nation back on track we're going to have millions of americans hungry because they can't eat, they can't afford food. we were on the brink of going over the edge. are you saying that's all the fault of president obama? >> i respectfully disagree with respect to 2008 i believe that a free enterprise solution were to work its way will you the process and we'd be a stronger nation now than we are as a consequence of having spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the types of things that have been spent. >> when you have the folks answering our poll and saying that of the failure to raise the debt limit at this point 55% say it would be a serious problem. you have folks who say 39% of them would blame republicans if there is no deal. do you believe at this point regardless of how politically this -- you believe you're on the right track. are you willing to risk not
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being re-elected because of your stand? >> it is a serious problem not to raise the debt ceiling. suddenly you're taking $1.5 trillion out of the economy. it's a greater problem if we have a federal government insolvency and bankruptcy because we continue to mount debt on top of debt. debt on top of the american people without proposing a solution to the problem. let's look at what everybody's talking about with these negotiations. punting everything past the november 2010 elections. that ought to be a signal right there to the american people that it's not a serious solution when the goal is not to put enough debt on us to get this issue behind us past the elections. when we goat to 2013, where are we? in 2013 we have another debt ceiling increase issue just like we have now except we're weakened as a country because we have $2.4 trillion more debt bringing us down. >> i think your point is well made about the long-term implications here of not getting a big deal done that truly affects the long-term future of america not just the short-term. >> i'm willing to compromise and
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vote to raise the debt ceiling as long as we solve the problem. >> listen -- >> not punt, pass. >> i appreciate your expertise. thanks for talking to us about it. >> thank you for the opportunity. good day to you. minnesota's governor signed a deal that ends the nation's longest government shut down in a decade. 3:30 this morning when state lawmakers okayed that plan, democrats and republicanss argued over taxes and spending for months. the 20-day shutdown layed off 22,000 state employees, closed parks and stopped road projects. rescue workers are searching right now at california's yosemite national park looking for a group of hikers believed to have been swept over a popular waterfall. yesterday afternoon park officials got several emergency calls from witnesses who said one or more hikers fell over the 317 foot fall. school's out for the summer possibly the whole school year in memphis unless the city council pays up.
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plus a spectacular sight as one of the world's -- the nasdaq has dropped 15 on the day. we have more on what's moving the markets a little later. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. some breaking news coming in to us right now from south brunswick, new jersey. there's been a chopper crash here behind a school in central new jersey. this is south brunswick. we're told police say two people on the chopper are hurt, but we don't know how badly. the crash happened about 45 minutes ago behind the indiana fields elementary school there in central new jersey. we're keeping our eye on that breaking news.
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casey anthony may be out of prison, but attend dees at a fair in kentucky got to put her back on trial with a dunking booth. fair goers at the state versus anthony booth could dunk a casey impersonator by hitting two targets guilty or innocence. fair officials shut down the dunk tank yesterday. it could be an extended summer vacation for students in memphis, tennessee. in a big battle over money the school board says it will not open the doors of the schools until the city pays up. lori brown has the latest. >> reporter: it's a move that could be considered bold or brash. >> with eight eyes and one no that vote has been proved. >> reporter: memphis board members voted 8-1 to keep doors closed until the city pays up a big chunk of money it owes the district for this fiscal year. >> we might be talking about
9:20 am
giving up the whole year y'all, if we're serious. . >> reporter: the magic number to open schools $55 million. the resolution asks for the remaining $23 million to be paid as the city collects the tax money. >> someone has to assume potentiality. -- responsibility for the collective education of the children many the city of memphis. and i don't think that city council can be exempt from that responsibility. >> reporter: man cast the lone no vote. he said it's imprudent to ask the city for money they haven't collected in taxes yet. >> i'll i'm in support of having assurances and money many the bank, but i think that 55 was just an unreasonable amount to expect at this particular time and to postpone schools until we have that amount in the bank. >> reporter: the superintendent recommended the school delay. but he says he doesn't want a delay to happen. >> they need to be in school. i can't say that passionately or
9:21 am
emphatically enough. so i'm going to keep fighting to get a resolution to this matter with the parties that need to be involved. we have to have it now. it's an urgent matter. >> reporter: if the city doesn't provide the $55 million in time for teachers to return august 1st, teachers won't get paychecks. >> that's another problem. the payrolls won't flow. folks will lose money. >> classes had been scheduled to begin august 8th. 32 states are now dealing with extreme heat today. temperatures expected to rise over the next couple days. that could cause food prices to rise, too. we'll explain why. and talk about hot, apple stock is at an all time high right now after a blockbuster earnings report. earnings report. how do you like them apples?
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dramatic eruptions this week in sicily all caught on camera. spectacular to watch not so great if you want to travel there. the airport was closed overnight and cancelled dozens of flights. digital clock information the area reported to be running 15 minutes fast, which local sicilians are now blaming on the volcano. two brave dogs go swimming with the sharks in australia and a dog ducks underwater to bite the shark and hangs on for a bit. both do dogs emerged unscathed. no word on whether the shark was injured. congresswoman bachmann is dealing with a different problem now. she might be a headache to the other republicans running for president. plus how many calories are you really eating when you eat out? how this could come as a big surprise. hot on the web today rupert murdoch's wife has become an
9:26 am
instant celebrity online. her lightning fast reflexes the way she smacked the pie thrower in defense of her husband yesterday among the most viewed videos. who is wendi murdoch? the bloggers compared her to a crouching tiger and wondering if it's rupert murdoch's character that attracted her to him. apple is launching a new app alled lion. apple says the new system has more than 250 new features and it's contributing to more big news for the company. its profits have doubled. melissa frances has more on apple and while investors are eating it up. a guy that's been dead for 127 years is trending on twitter today. probably getting more attention than he ever has outside a high school science glass. all because google pays tribute to greg gor men dell. the catholic friar discovered
9:27 am
dominant and recesssive traits in his pea plants. here's to google for the opportunity to revisit freshman biology and to greg gor men dell for the reminder to eat your peas. >> announcer: this past year alone there's been a 67% spike in companies embracing the cloud-- big clouds, small ones, public, private, even hybrid. your data and apps must move easily and securely to reach many clouds, not just one.
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geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. welcome back to msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. iran claims it shot down an inmained u.s. spy plane. it's not known when this happened. we don't have any word from the u.s. the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people and injuring dozens of others at fort hood will be arraigned today. he can enter a plea or opt to wait. he can't enter a guilty plea because this is a death penalty case. 16 members of the hacking group anonymous were arrested in a federal raid. the group claimed responsibility for cyber taks on a number of web sites including visa and mastercard. the postmaster general says
9:31 am
saturday mail delivery could be a thing of the past. the post office is projecting a nearly $9 billion loss this year. that's one way to save money. no relief from the oppressive heat suffocating huge swaths of the country. 32 states are under some kind of heat advisory. many hitting triple digit temperatures. let's go to our meteorologist. is this worse than normal? still setting records? >> it's summer. it's summer, but it is setting records. it's a yes and no answer question. parts of this heat wave are record
9:32 am
eerie 94. tying records here. 98. we're going to break a record tomorrow in syracuse. we're watching closely in newark, new jersey, 100. that's within two degrees of the record. hartford close at 97. there are some record highs as we come into the next couple of days. zben, the expanse of this heat is unbelievable. back to you. >> thank you. that massive heat wave could have a chilling effect on your grocery bill. melissa frances co-host of "the call" on cnbc, crops all over they're dry and dead. >> you would think that it would make commodity prices go higher that crops would die and drive up the price of food. actually in a lot of places it's having the opposite impact. in the midwest and a lot of places hay don't have enough water people are selling their cattle rather than keeping them. we're seeing a flood of beef come on to the market. it could potentially drive down the prices of beef across the country. it's a little bit opposite of
9:33 am
what you would expect out there. >> exactly. what about things like grain, corn, which we use for ethanol? >> grain and corn, that's going to drive up the price of gasoline. grain and corn is the opposite situation. if you don't have water that hurts crops. so we world see the opposite effect. you may have noticed that gas prices are on their way up right now. they creeped up about a dime in the past couple of weeks. we were supposed to have lower prices this summer. we saw the price of oil reignite. now those gas prices are back up. this is usually the time of year we see them coming down. that's not great for the consumer. >> i want to talk about the stock market overall. everywhere you look today google, twitter everybody's talking about apple. >> apple they just had explosive earnings after the bell yesterday. really incredible profit more than doubled. they sold 20 million iphone. they sold 9.3 million ie pads. it really just proves even in a tough economy if you have a product that people want to buy, they're going to go out and do
9:34 am
it even though it is really expensive. the company has a ton of cash on the books about $76 billion just laying around the office. i think they trip over it on the way into their desks in the morning. a lot of analysts have been asking what are you going do do with that cash? they could pay cash for our company, comcast. there's a lot of things they could do with that money. they're making good use of it. there's no reason to put it to work. the stock market pretty flat today. it was the best day for the dow so far up 202 points. we're taking a breather today. >> thanks, melissa. congresswoman michele bachmann's surge is on. our latest "the wall street journal" poll shows in just one month she's jumped from a barely there 3% support to second place. right behind front runner mitt romney. today she's facing questions about her health and whether debilitating migraines might affect her campaign and possible presidency? >> i prescribe medication that i take on occasion whenever
9:35 am
symptoms have arised and they keep my migraines under control. i'd like to be abundantly clear, my ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> unnamed sors insist bachmann's missed at least one congressional floor vote because she had to be hospitalized. >> the headaches have resulted in her going to the hospital at least three times that we know of. in one case she missed congressional votes on the day that she was hospitalized. >> karen finny is a former democratic committee spokesperson. tony is a republican strategist. good to see you both today. >> how are you? >> are these questions about migraine headaches legitimate? >> no. i have to tell you something i also am a migraine sufferer and am in the middle of one, i took my prescribed medication an hour ago. you can still function. if you're being attacked for
9:36 am
having headaches, you're probably doing something right. i'm the last person on the planet to defend michele bachmann, but what a cheap shot. >> is this a simple tom of how afraid republicans are that bachmann could be the nominee here? when you're looking at the head to head matchup it does not look good for republicans if bachmann's the candidate. she comes out with 35% of support against obama. we're in a head 4 head match up, rom mi comes out with 41% of the support. it's clear there are a lot of republicans that don't want to see her be the nominee, yet she's gaining ground? >> good for you, karen. i think that was about as honest and fair an answer as i could have heard. good luck with the migraine. here's the bottom line michele bachmann is surging because she's capturing a part of the republican primary field that does not have a spokesperson and that frankly is the much more conservative tea party wing. we're still skittish about romney. what's going to change for bachmann is if rick perry enters this race.
9:37 am
then you have not only somebody with bona fide conservative credentials, you have somebody that can gal vanz the south for a super tuesday type candidate. for right now bachmann is doing extremely well connecting with that evangelical and tea party base. they're not one in the same. one is very fiscal, one is very social. she's a darling for them right now. >> the evangelicals may be the crowd that rick perry is trying to reach out. he says he's not only crossing the line of separation of dhoich and state, he's erasing it. he comes in number three in our poll this week, he told the des moines register that he felt a call to jump in. later said it wasn't necessarily a call by god. does he need to get his story straight and stick to it? >> probably. although let's be honest, politicians often say things that they know will accepted a particular signal to one group and then particularly fudge it when it comes to answering to another. i'm not surprised in terms of the language.
9:38 am
but -- i agree, the real contest here would be between bachmann and perry in terms of that evangelical vote. ultimately what republican voters are going to have to ask themselves is who can win in a general election. i think most voters still believe that neither bachmann nor perry would stand a good chance against president obama in a general election because they can't get the middle and the moderates. >> chris christie, he's going to iowa next month. he met with a bunch of high powered gop lobbyists and fundraisers yesterday. so if this is the action he's taking, then why are we hearing him say this, let me play it. >> i'm not running. not going to happen. i'm going to continue to sit back, do my job in new jersey. what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running. i'm not running for president. there is no chance, zero. >> doo you see a discrepancy here between what he says and
9:39 am
what he does? >> no. first of all this is what makes people love chris christie, so clean spoken and direct. there's a level of credibility that he has. i think chris christie is a national player for the republican party. to the extent he is going to have a national role doing these type of activities is completely normal. i take him totally at his word. i do think his endorsement of a potential primary candidate would have a huge impact on the process. >> but tony, you and i both know that part of what's happening here, this is the beginning of the veepstakes. it's not a bad thing for chris christie to be in contention for the vice presidency. knowing if he didn't want it, it helps his standing in the party nationally, which is not a bad thing. >> thank you very much. karen, i'm pretty much assuming that from here you go into a dark, cool room somewhere to try to get rid of that migraine?
9:40 am
>> i've got to keep working. >> thank you. >> good luck with that. the food police unveiled some of the restaurant industries fattiest food. they might taste good, they're really bad for you. according to the center for science and public interest, the worst offender the cold stone creamy pb and c shake. at more than 2,000 calories. but it is good. the cheesecake factory's farmhouse cheeseburger and denny's fried cheese melt make the list. if you're counting calories those healthy options that restaurants offer complete with calorie counts next to them maybe you want to think again. a new study finds some restaurant calorie counts could restaurant calorie counts could be off by as much as 275 it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. calories. be right back. calories. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in.
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having more access to fast food restaurants increases the chance you'll eat it. looking at the diets of 5,000 adults and where they live led researchers at the university of north carolina chapel el hill to a link between low income levels and fast food consumption especially among those who live closer to fast food restaurants. >> a new website launches today asking the public to pay for a fence along the u.s.-mexico border. build the border fence shows the state seal and hopes to rake in $50 million. arizona state senator steve smith is a republican who sponsored the bill to make this happen. why do you need donors? >> well, frankly unfortunately, we now have to do the job to the federal government will not do. this was not a project arizona had on our books. again, in light of the federal government not doing it, this is the resort we have to take to. >> arizona's former government who went on to work for the
9:45 am
federal government and now is the homeland security second stair says you show me a 50-foot wall and i'll show you a 51-foot ladder at the board, that's the way the border works. there is a lot of controversy. there's a lot of conflict over whether a wall is actually in the best interest of the united states. >> with all due respect that's a ridiculous notion. and it's a shame that our secretary of homeland security would say such a ridiculous thing. if fences don't work, why do we have them around our backyards. fences work. let's give a more practical example. in arizona, in yuma, we built a triple layer fence. about 59 person of illegal activity came to a grinding halt once that fence went up. when people say fences don't work, i'll show you ladders, what's their solution? let another 24 million illegal
9:46 am
aliens enter this country. it's laughable. the fact of the matter is i liken this to a prison. you used to let prison guards on the turf, you need a fence to keep them from leaving. this is no different. you need a presence on the border. >> practically speaking what is your expectation for how the public will respond to the request? >> thus far the response has been amazing. we have gotten letters and emails and phone calls from all over the country thanking us for doing this. you've got to remember something, there's an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country. only half a million of them live in arizona. where do the rest of them live? they live in your city and state and your towns. guess who's paying for them? you're paying for them just like we're paying for them here. this is a problem all over the country. if i may, it's not just the illegal alien invasion it's the drug cartels, it's the terrorist activity, the gang warfare. there's been over 35,000 deaths
9:47 am
and murders along that border in the last five years. >> listen -- >> it's ridiculous. >> senator steve smith of arizona thank you so much for joining us today. i appreciate your particular perspective on this. >> thank you. please visit news from the white house, president obama will meet with congressional leaders at 2:50 today. we'll be following that. the results of that. of course, the debt ceiling arguments still front and center. today in side bar, fight club. in the debt debate a nasty spat has erupted between two of florida's lawmakers. alan west sent a scathing email to debbie wasserman schultz. he cc'd lots of people on both sides of the aisle. he tears into her writing in the subject line, quote unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. here it is. you're the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the u.s. house of
9:48 am
representatives. if you have something to say to me stop being a cord and say it to my face, otherwise, shut the heck up. you've proven repeatedly that you are not a lady, and therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me. so dramatic. what's west so upset about? the tea party freshman didn't like what wasserman shuttle said about his support of cut, cap and balance. >> it is crucial na the american people understand that this plan would require even deeper cuts than under the ryan republican plan we saw in april. incredulously the gentleman from florida who represents thousands of medicare beneficiaries as do i is support i have of this plan that would increase costs for medicare beneficiaries. unbelievable from a member from south florida. >> the congresswoman spokesman says west is upset that wagzerman-schultz publicly criticized him. now emily's list is promising to use the ie raid against west when he runs for re-election.
9:49 am
the white house won't fight efforts to repeal a ban on same-sex marriage. the white house says the president will support senator diane feinstein's bill to repeat the 1997 defensive marriage act. it defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman. the white house is ready to fight to repeal it. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher, and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for.
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while american kids are whiling away the summer months at camp, many kids around the world are still in school. the u.s. school year averages 180 days. but most countries have more than 200 days of school. new studies indicate u.s. students are falling behind in global education. the skills and ability to compete internationally. just one in four elementary schools here offers courses in foreign languages. in china, 200 million children are learning english beginning in grade school. the latest "newsweek" looks at how american families are trying to make their kids global.
9:53 am
including one investor who transplainted himself, his kids and wife to shing pore for good. this week i asked him why. >> in my view the 21st century is going to be the century of asia and china. i wanted my children to grow up knowing asia and speaking fluid mandarin. i couldn't do na in new york, in the u.s. >> your younger child bea was born in singapore and doesn't know anything about the u.s. in terms of living here and absorbing the culture from the united states. do you feel like that's a disadvantage? >> she's never lived there, but we go there every year. she certainly spends a lot of time with her relatives, her grandparents. she's got american parents. we know some americans here. she's getting a combination of both. at least we hope. >> with would you say to the more than 60% of americans who don't even own a passport or the 98% or so of college students who never go abroad during their
9:54 am
career in university? >> well, i wish there was some way i could help change that. i do give people passports when i come across young people that don't have passports. i give them the money for passports. i find it a terrible shame. it's very hard to understand america much less yourself if you don't understand the rest of the world. >> how do you think that studying in singapore gives your daughter an edge? >> singapore's a remarkably successful country in the first place everything works here. it's got the best education in the world, the best health care in the world and they speak english and mandarin. from our point of view it was the best of all possible worlds. you can ask me in 35 years if i've done the right thing. to jim, you know the tiger moms in the united states are getting a lot-attention for how demanding they are. how strict they are. do you consider yourself a tiger
9:55 am
dad? >> well, contessa, i certainly have high standards and high aspirations. i know that education is extremely important. i'll have to say my 8-year-old has already had more homework than i had in 12 years of school in america. so they really put it to these kids. >> in fact, you go so far you don't even allow a television in your home. why not? >> well, we think there are probably better things to do than watch television. television's great entertainment. we want to educate our and be a little more sfis cased than what's on television. >> my dad thought the same thing. thought tv rotted your brain and didn't allow tv many the house when i was growing up. and now look at me, i work in television. you might want to take that as a word of warning. >> as i said, you can ask me in 35 years. >> jim rogers go good to talk to you today. thank you so much for sharing your parenting experience. appreciate it.
9:56 am
>> thank you. >> parenting beware the unintended consequences. i'm contessa brewer, thank you for watching television. i'll see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern. the space shuttle "atlantis" returns to earth final touchdown for the shuttle program. up next "andrea mitchell reports" live from capitol hill. good to see you. good to see you. we are coming to you live from capitol hill where the gang of six plan is drawing a a lot of reaction from both sides of the aisle. we'll break it all down. the latest with kelly o'donnell and john harwood. pretty democratic party debbie wasserman schultz and her war of words with fellow floridian, congressman allen west. british p.m. david cameron faces off with a rowdy house of commons. the latest on the hacking scab dal. all that and more on "andrea mitchell reports." here's your business travel
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